The production process of our shoes engages the expertise of many people.
The first stage consists of cutting out all the elements needed for sewing the shoe,
the upper of the shoe and inner lining.
Next all the accessories are cut out, such as tassels for moccasins
In the next stage the upper body of the shoe is hand sewn by a seamstress
In order to ensure that your shoes are durable and won’t loose their shape,
additional stiffening material is added for support
After attaching the insole to the shoe last the upper of the shoe is pulled onto the last.
We let the shoe rest for approximately 24 hours to ensure that it obtains the correct shape
Once the rest time has passed, the cobbler applies heated glue to fasten the sole
In the last stage of the production we press the shoe together using a hand press.
This ensures proper fastening of the shoe with the sole.
Finally, the shoe last is removed and the insole is glued within.
After cleaning and quality control the shoe is placed into a Nobu box.